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Whatever your current stance is on Forex, FATDroid robot will make sure that you can see its obvious strengths and performance in the first month itself. Transform your way of thinking about trading: exploration of possibilities…

Experienced Programmers

Team of 16 Professional Forex robot programmers with 15+ Years of Trading Experience.

Our Robot Performance

4 - 5% monthly returns with low risk on our Proprietary Forex Robots (FATDroids V2.0)

Amazon's EC2 Server

Free Amazon's elastic computing server setup with FATDroid Robot.

FATDroid SMART Real Money performance with latest updated settings
+5.0% PROFIT monthly since Jan'2020
Fully Verified Myfxbook Results on 2 different brokers
Why Choose Us?

We believe that we are an effective choice for those looking to get their Forex trading 100% Automated with the power of Amazon’s Elastic Computing technology. Our carefully coded and tested Forex robots will take away the stress and the strain that comes while trading Forex manually. Automated Forex trading might seem like a foreign language at first, but we remove all of the hardship and make your trading as easy as possible by setting up the server and configure the FATdriod SMART robot on your MT4 account.

What is Forex Robot or Expert Advisor?

forex trading robot is a computer program based on a set of forex trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a given point in time. Forex​ robots are designed to remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental. These robots are built with MetaTrader, using the MQL scripting language, which lets traders generate trading signals or place orders and manage trades.

What is FATDroid SMART?

FATDroid SMART is an expert advisor or forex robot runs on multiple pairs that was developed with spending 2500+ hours of hard work by team of software professionals and testing on Live Real Money accounts before its LAUNCHED for sale. Ever since it started to trade on real money account, it has had the benefit of optimisations and improvements that make this robot stable and steady. This robot is built for multiple pairs with different strategies that has totally different entry/exit case the trade goes against it will open limited martingale positions to reduce the loses. Since it uses martingale strategy at a time the robot will trade on only one pair to avoid risking more...

Why AWS Server?

If you want make profits with forex, its not just enough to have a good Expert Advisor (Forex Robot)! Then what else you need?...You must have a reliable virtual Private Server (VPS) which has the latency of 10 to 15 milli seconds. This is where AWS (Amazon Web Services) comes in with blazing speed super computers with low latency that can literally turn losing trades into winning trades. We build very large trading systems for hedge-funds and private equity firms with Amazon's AWS. Now, with Amazon's recent update, it's possible for retail traders like you to have the same power.

FATDroid SMART a black box???

Yes...its a black box trading system! Why?...FATDroid SMART is used by institutional traders like trading houses & hedge funds with some additional features. And FATDroid SMART is the result of 2500+ hours of hard work by our team and if the source code of the robot is open, it can be re packaged by scammers with their own name and spoil its reputation. 

Be an expert right from the start.

Verified Results

FATDroid SMART has the LONGEST, fully verified MyFxbook REAL-MONEY Accounts to prove its performance...


There is no Forex Robot available to perform well on all market conditions. Hence you will receive optimised updates every 2 -3 monthly based on the market conditions.

Proven Strategies for Multiple Pairs

FATDroid SMART robot is built for multiple pairs with different strategies that has totally different entry/exit conditions.

Pick your plan


Just The Robot

(Expires after one year)

Installation Support
One Year Free Upgrade


Robot with AWS server

(Expires after one year)

Installation Support
Free AWS VPS Setup
One Year Free Upgrade


Robot with AWS server/ Management

(Renews @ $999 yearly)

Installation Support
Free AWS VPS Setup
MT4 Platform Maintenance
One Year Free Upgrade
We've got you covered.

We are not selling 3rd party robots here as we have our own team of experienced MQL4 programmers...This is another reason why we can convert your manual forex trading strategies in to an automated robots with optimised settings.


Our programmers are reliable and committed on working to the project. Our solutions are the combination of creative insight and cutting edge technology. Our whole premise is based out of systematic approach and best practices. We understand the need for profitable solutions and aspire to provide only the best solutions.


Our programmers will be able to meet the deadline, reply to emails on a timely manner, and ask help for clarification issues. Our team has an organized project development process in order to maximize the quality and minimize the time required for the project development.


All confidential information that you disclose to your programmer will remain as your property. Your programmer shall agree not to disclose any confidential information about you and your trading strategy to third parties, and not to use any confidential information as a basis upon which to develop a competing or similar automated trading system.

Coding Expertise

The last, and most important, is our team support even after your automated trading system has been completed. We will be able to provide case-by-case MQL4 consulting services to assist with specific coding issues. The first version of a software will often have bugs—this is just the nature of software programming in general.

Our Support

Our support is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact us whenever you need, regardless of the type of issue or question you wish to ask.

Why no backtest?

We strongly believe in the truth that the past performance of any robot is not a guarantee of future performance...So we strongly advise all of our clients to do forward testing with small real money account before they start the actual trading.

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“FATDroid V2.0 performance for the past few months are nice…Good support. Withdrawal and deposit from the recommended brokers are very easy and smooth. Thanks”
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“I purchased recently and the robots have gained more than what they committed per month…Thanks”
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